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Website design

using the psychology of vision


Our greatest asset is COMMUNICATION.


We create modern websites using the psychology of vision. We know how the human brain works and the processes that take place in it. Thanks to this knowledge we know how to create fully communicative websites. We will make your customers spend the optimum amount of time on the website and terminate their visit by contacting you.

We specialize in communication and clear messages. For this reason, website design is fully transparent for us. With us you will not find boring websites that serve for everything and nothing. We put a lot of emphasis on the definition of the role that your website should play, what it should communicate and how it should encourage your customers to co-operation.


Website design is our passion. Thanks to our knowledge of the psychology of vision, we can guide your customer through the website so that he/she can perform certain activities such as contacting you or purchasing a product. We’ll do it all for you in record time: up to 7 working days.





Websites from 2599 € !

We design websites that are :






Website – 2599 €

– preparation for positioning,
– optimisation,
– responsiveness,
– Google Analytics,
– website indexing in Google,
– a map with the address.
– contact form,
– installation of a favicon,
– access to the website edition,
– 3 hours of corrections /next hour 46 €,
– links: FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Offer subpage – 92 €
– Introducing a single course / training / tour,
– creation of an interactive button,
– selecting and buying a photo for a tile,
– filling with the content after clicking, see what the finished tiles look like at
Photos – 653 €

Photos on the website:
– Searching and purchasing in the photo bank,
– retouching,
– adjusting the proportions of the photo to the page,
– colour matching to the entire colour scheme,
– you get unused photos free of charge for further promotion on the Internet,

Security protection – 338 €
Protection of texts and photos on the website against theft and copying.
Video - 886 €

Advertising video at the beginning of the page. Visit the website: and see what it looks like.

Multilanguage – 799 €

Subsequent language versions- € 449 per language.

Logo design- 1299 €

-3 logo designs to chose from
– 5 corrections of selected versions

Leaflets - 325 €
– leaflet in DL format (1/3 of A4 format)
– rigid cardboard of 200 grams,
– duplex printing,- full colour,
– graphic design,
– photos per leaflet,
– print run of 1000 pieces,
Business cards - 250 €

– business card design,
– printing of double-sided business cards,
– rigid cardboard of 300 grams,
– double-sided finishing with matt film,
– print run: 1,000 pieces,








The brain has a 30% higher tendency to remember nice things. Explore the portfolio of our designed logos.


Website positioning

We position websites in a natural way and with the help of AdWords campaign.

Logo design

We will design a logo for your brand to make you stand out from the competition.

Advertising print

We print business cards, catalogues, leaflets and brochures. We specialize in high volume printing.


We create stores for tourist services so that you can sell them without leaving your home.

We have created :


business card designs


En moyenne, un internaute passe entre 3 et 5 secondes sur un site.

Si vous êtes arrivé jusqu’ici, c’est que vous avez passé 10 fois plus de temps sur notre web.

Vous voulez le même résultat sur votre site ?




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